SCSI2Pi and Atari Computers

SCSI2Pi works perfectly with HDDRIVER. For the ACSI bus except for the MegaSTE a SCSI host adapter is required. The internal host adapter of the MegaSTE is an interesting special case.
With SCSI2Pi there are no byte swapping issues with when exchanging data with other platforms. Thus when partitioning with HDDRUTIL do not enable the respective option.

The screenshot shows information on two hard drives emulated by SCSI2Pi, a printer and the SCSI2Pi host services with realtime clock and other features. The device names and other properties are configurable.

Atari with PiSCSI Board

Information on setting up the DaynaPort emulation for the Atari with SCSI2Pi is provided on the DaynaPort page of the PiSCSI project.