Other Tools

On this page you find free tools which make use of the open software standards supported by HDDRIVER. More free software can be downloaded on the SCSI Driver page and on my homepage.

DISKUS Mass Storage Tool

Download DISKUS DISKUS 3.99.4

DISKUS (German only) is a powerful tool for maintaining FAT16 file systems and mass storage devices (error analysis, data recovery, sector editor, sending of SCSI commands and much more). The archive contains the up to date German manual as a PDF.
DISKUS makes use of the SCSI Driver, supports physical sector sizes up to 4096 bytes and 64 bit sector numbers. Therefore DISKUS can access all sectors of media with a capacity of more than 2 TiB. With the appropriate SCSI Driver access to any interface (ACSI, SCSI, IDE/SATA, USB) is possible. With the SCSI Driver for Hatari and ARAnyM one can directly access mass storage devices under Linux.

Changes in DISKUS 3.99.4:

IDE/SATA Drive Info Tool

DISKUS herunterladen IDE_INFO 1.10

IDE_INFO is a tool that displays some properties of an IDE/SATA drive/memory card, reported by the IDENTIFY DRIVE command.

XHDI Interface

The open XHDI standard supports applications with accessing mass storage devices. HDDRIVER fully supports the current version XHDI 1.30. The XHDI specification is also available online as a hypertext.

Download XHDI specification XHDI specification 1.30

HDDRIVER maps XHDI major device IDs to SCSI Driver bus IDs by dividing the major device ID by 8. This results in 8 XHDI major device IDs per bus.

XHDI Monitor

Download XHDI_MON XHDI_MON 1.21

XHDI_MON logs XHDI calls. The sources are available on GitHub.